Sled Island All-Ages

In our dedication to putting on an age-inclusive festival, Sled Island features over 50 all-ages events including everything from small intimate concerts at Tubby Dog, New Black and the National Music Centre to the festival’s main outdoor venue at Olympic Plaza! These events are comprised of 26 shows, 74 bands, 16 film events, 11 art openings and more! Browse through the festival schedule or search the lineup by genre-tag "All Ages Option" to find out what's going on for the All-Ages crowd at Sled Island! 

Sled Island is proud to highlight three emerging Calgary acts that show that age and experience are not indicators of musical creativity. These three bands have no trouble fitting in with the road-tested bands they will be sharing bills with and are likely to inspire festival-goers, young and old, every bit as much, if not more, than those more established artists. We can’t recommend these guys enough!

The Basement Demons - Doomy and gloomy noise punk played with unbridled enthusiasm!
Faux Fur - Jean-Sebastien Audet’s lo-fi garage pop outfit that sound like seasoned vets!
Un Blonde - Experimental 60s-inspired spacey pop that makes us all feel like kids again!

Created specifically for our "under 18" buddies, an All-Ages Pass offers full access to every single all-ages show during Sled Island subject to venue capacity. Whats the best part? All-Ages passes are only $50 bucks! Available at the Shop and at the Sled Island Office (cash only) in Calgary.