BRAIN BENT (DJ SET) (The Sled Island Lemonade Stand)

Calgary, AB

In partnership with Broken City, Sled Island is offering a safe, socially-distanced and free DJ set throughout on one of the city's best patios. The weather forecast is looking good for sunshine and great punk, new wave, psych and garage tunes!

"Panic! Monotony is mutilating your mind! �� Brain Bent deconstruct the absurdity of the mundane through their own brand of angular weaponization. Calgary’s newest four-piece punk outfit’s razor sharp guitar and synth bleeps blast through social ennui.

The Brain Bent team consists of, Joanna Iles on Synth, Travis Midwinter on Bass, Gus Rendellon drums and Nathan Iles on Guitar, all coming together to make their debut with OBLIGATORY ICEBREAKER, a static exploration of social dread.

Through its cheeky quirks, and outright dance-able greatness, this punchy four-track EP will have you dancing and fighting the hegemony all at once.

The boiler suit clad Brain Bent are prisoners of this so-called culture, and through their splintering homage to post-punk greatness, they are finding a way out."