Cherry Glazerr

Los Angeles, CA

Cherry Glazerr’s brazen snarl is never far from a dreamy refrain. Their stomping garage rock and hazy pop dirges have propelled the group to tear up the Coachella stage and write music for Yves Saint Laurent. This eclectic journey is fitting for a band so adventurous.

Clementine Creevy created Cherry Glazerr in 2013 at the age of 15. She committed her early tracks as a solo artist to tape with Papa Cremp, a lo-fi romp of grilled cheese worship and teen drama.

Debut album Haxel Princess saw Cherry Glazerr evolve into a ramshackle fuzz-rock trio anchored by Creevy’s cheeky delivery of droll aphorisms. Apocalipstick, their first record with Secretly Canadian, solidified the band as a polished riff engine brimming with fierce social commentary. This growth continued on Stuffed & Ready, plumbing the depths of new wave groove to bring Creevy’s increasingly vulnerable lyrics to the surface.

Creevy has also contributed vocals to songs by Tyler, the Creator and Death Grips, and spent a season guest-starring on the TV show Transparent from 2014 to 2015. 

2023’s I Don’t Want You Anymore is Cherry Glazerr’s most ambitious album yet. Brawny punk riffing drives tracks like “Ready For You.” Songs like “Bad Habit,” meanwhile, forgo guitars for spiralling vocal loops and danceable production that burrows into the mind. It was ranked one of the best rock albums of 2023 by PopMatters and is the perfect primer for Cherry Glazerr’s return to Calgary after their sold-out show at Sled Island 2018.



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