Visual Art

Translated landscapes

Landscapes take shape within and around our bodies and sense of self. They have the ability to influence our decisions and feelings towards the relationships we hold and care for. How we choose to translate those feelings and responses can provide safe spaces to better understand them. Through painting, drawing and embroidery works, each artist in Translated landscapes explores ways of making space for interpretations of their relationships and their surroundings.

This exhibition is curated by Richelle Bear Hat and presented in partnership with Indefinite Arts Centre.

Carol Harris, Brianne Koeckeritz, Rosie Mercredi, Debbie O’Gorman, Donna White
Curated by Richelle Bear Hat

Richelle Bear Hat is a Calgary based Blackfoot/Dane-Zaa Cree artist. Bear Hat's artistic practice investigates ideas surrounding family relationships and the types of knowledge that are capable of being passed through them. Through the use of photography, transfers, text, video, and paper-based works, she employs materials and means of production to support transferences of memory and provide a platform for storytelling.