ImagineNATIVE Showcase: Tia & Piujuq

Feature, Dir. Lucy Tulugarjuk (Inuk), Canada, 2017, 80 mins

Our ImagineNATIVE showcase continues with a charming debut feature film from Lucy Tulugarjuk. Tia, a young Syrian girl new to Montreal, longs for friends when she accidentally discovers a magic portal. Through this portal she meets Piujuq, an equally bored and lonely Inuk girl who introduces Tia to her world. Tia and Piujuq spend their time together connecting through games and Inuit stories when their blossoming friendship is threatened by a mysterious figure. Tia and Piujuq is an ideal cinematic treat for families and young people.

With short:
Just Beyond My Front Door Dir. Kanerahtens Bush (Mohawk)