Videokills - The Explorer Series: Invisible City Symphonies

Germany, 80 mins

Following its successful Canadian premiere last year, we’re pleased to once again collaborate with the Berlin-based artist community Videokills to bring The Explorer Series: Invisible City Symphonies to Calgary. This unique cinematic and musical experience combines international short films with original scores performed live by local musicians.

Videokills curator JJ Weihl (of the Berlin-based band Fenster, who performed at Sled Island 2016) will be in attendance to host this original event. The ongoing Explorer Series: Invisible City Symphonies has been performed in London, Leipzig, Berlin and Brooklyn.

(Photo: Mike Tan)

Suzan Pitt (USA)
Sama Raena Alshaibi (Palestine/Iraq)
Alex Barrett (UK)
Samu Kuukka (Finland)
Vadim Pigounides (France)

Slut Prophet
Samantha Savage Smith and Chris Dadge
World Brain