Mount Kimbie (2018)

London, UK

When Dominic Maker and Kai Campos first started making music as Mount Kimbie in 2008, the duo took the glitchy dance strains of UK dubstep and put them together with IDM, drone and R&B to create something brand new. Releasing their first album Crooks and Lovers in 2010 to critical acclaim, Maker and Campos quickly became known for what would eventually be called  “post-dubstep,” a genre fully-realized on their 2013 follow-up album for esteemed label Warp, Cold Spring Fault Less Youth.

A return in 2017 found what originally started as a dance music-adjacent electronic project flourishing into a full band on Love What Remains, an album where Maker and Campos embrace the motorik rhythms and hypnotic repetition of krautrock to produce their most moving music yet. Their evolution hasn’t been limited to the studio, either—now a live quartet, a whole new dimension of dynamic tension is part and parcel for a Mount Kimbie live show.