Visual Art

Secretive Density

Secretive Density is an exploration of the clouding effects of transformative identities expressed via digital print media. Accessing and deploying soft aesthetics as a trans artist, the explosion and distortion of floral imagery reveals that behind the inferred illegibility of queer existences is a contemporary re-acquaintance with the beyond. Unsettling, undefined, and powerful in its re-purposing of known images, this beyond posits a view of the queer world as a shifting and uncertain one, a potential that cannot be ignored and which openly contests everything.

May G N

May G N is a Trans Albertan Artist who works with new media print technologies to produce work that is engaged with their personal navigation of territories that span the emotional, physical, and societal. Through the layering of image, text, and material, May G N presents scenarios where the viewer’s relationship with queer identities and the territories they inhabit and change are interrogated. Most recently, May has participated in exhibitions with Left Contemporary (Windsor, ON), Femme Wave Festival, and TRUCK Contemporary Art in Calgary. 

Running June 21 - 24 at Untitled Art Society, 11:00am - 7:00pm. Reception on July 23 from 5:00pm - 7:00pm.