Visual Art

and The Double Jinx Mystery

single summer ain’t no great
Shakes -- tough cookie.
Build Spectral Bestie to pat
backs/play jacks,
Prairie Parallax

the likely duo/ear to the
ground/know the ropes

means it must be
In the gully!
In the gully!


Scouting a slippery terrain between slumber party and research faculty, ⟨cootiecatcher⟩ is a negotiation between the artistic practices of Brett Bonk and Megan Fen. Exercising a methodology of clumsy curiosity, together they cause scenes that could, in turn, be experienced as devices designed to gather ontological data or an interrupted game of backgammon. This collaborative partnership is rolling up their shirtsleeves at the conclusion of their shared time at Alberta College of Art + Design.

Running June 21 - 24 at Stride Gallery (Lower Level), 11:00am - 7:00pm and containR Gallery at EV Junction, 11:00am - 8:00pm.