SUUNS (2016)

Montreal, QC

SUUNS bring unheard-of clarity and power to the their sound, generating their joyous noise with careful musicianship instead of rote loops and samples. An ambulance-like siren, dragging up and down in pitch like the Doppler effect, is done with a guitar slide. Bass grooves are made warm and inviting by their performance on a disaffected bass guitar. A wobbling low register comes from a tremolo-filtered keyboard. Their contemplative, forward-looking lyrics echo the often meditative process of playing an instrument, and it shows in their lucid performance.

A four-piece, SUUNS’ music is complex but rarely strays into cacophony. Their music borders on post-rock but refuses to sacrifice immediacy, often employing danceable guitar lines and soft vocals where one might expect screams and digital distortion. Heads will bob and toes will tap to their sweltering crescendos.