Yo La Tengo (2015)

Hoboken, NJ

A refreshing answer to the post-everything ‘90s, Yo La Tengo’s sophisticated style nonchalantly crushes melodic lipstick kisses all-over New Jersey's face. Crystallized eight years into the band’s existence in 1992, the current lineup, consisting of founding frontman Ira Kaplan, drummer/pianist/vocalist Georgia Hubley and bassist/vocalist James McNew, has learned to manoeuvre around each other with an eerily intuitive sense of timing and passion. Innately graceful in its reckless abandon, Yo La Tengo has generated 13 full-length vibra-sonic soundscapes that defy lyrical definition. Yo La Tengo has held true to its position in alt-rock’s left field, gazing skyward for that elusive heavenly pop-fly of inspiration, or at least a decent hot dog.