Television (2015)

New York, NY

It didn’t take long for punk to bop away from chewin’ out a rhythm on some bubblegum and into headier, loftier spaces. Punk may have been started by street-ready, mutant teenagers, but it found a home in bands that took the anarchic tenets of the genre and collided them with higher-minded ideals and aesthetics. Consequently, post-punk was born and Television was there to deliver it. Though the band's 1977 debut Marquee Moon didn't immediately gain the feverish traction we associate with it today, there is no doubt that Television changed the vocabulary of punk and post-punk forever. The band stood apart from their peers by taking the three-chord basics of punk and stretching them long and thin across anxious, nervous landscapes. Countless post-punk bands in the past 35 years have tried to deconstruct how Television did so much with so little, but all have come up short. Post-punk wouldn't be the same without these legends.