Visual Art

Singing Lands

Nicole Kelly Westman and Ryan Mathieson have artistic practices differentiated by provincial boundaries. Following a series of correspondences, the two artists made the initiative to meet in a legendary location coined in the '80s as the Center of the Universe. Amongst the relics of the mining industry and in a valley echoing the calls of the Singing Lands, the artists began experimenting with the boundaries that define the roles of documentation and performance. Singing Lands at Sled Island is a one-time performance that considers and presents possible outcomes of these experiments.

Nicole Kelly Westman and Ryan Mathieson have been cultivating experiments in land based documents, image projection, performative actions, audio composition, scent embodiment, and digital assemblages for the better part of two years. Westman and Mathieson initially started their collaborative effort through disagreements about the current state of photography, the staging of performance, documentation, and the situational aesthetics of visual culture. Eventually the two lessened the frequency of their quarrels giving preference to the patience of listening.