Ex Hex (2015)

Washington, D.C.

Before punk became punk, rock 'n' roll bands like the New York Dolls, Blondie and the Runaways were tearing the world apart with three chords and an unbridled desire to become immortal. Ex Hex, a powerhouse trio that has exploded onto the scene with perfect power pop chops and lean, timeless melodies, would have been best friends with Debbie Harry or Johnny Thunders. Their debut album, out on Merge Records, absolutely rips. In just a half-hour, the band reinvigorates all the best parts of garage rock. Some may recognize frontwoman Mary Timony from Wild Flag or Helium, but Ex Hex is a different beast altogether. Stripped-down, earnest and urgent, the trio motor through three-minute ragers that leave you panting for more long after the squalling feedback has died down. Ex Hex shows the world that there’s something indelible and essential about three chords and a heartbeat.