De La Soul (2015)

New York, NY

Encapsulating the sound of New York City’s streets, concrete, graffiti and culture is De La Soul, a rhythmic hip-hop trio from Long Island. Pushing against the status quo of the macho, gangster rap of their day, De La Soul’s positive-minded and socially-conscious words and upbeat grooves set them apart as individuals within the community. The trio of high school friends who were discovered by writing and producing mixtapes. Clashing with the hard hitting images supplied by N.W.A. and Public Enemy, De La Soul’s clean and colourful outlook would set up a whole new school of hip-hop. De La Soul have released seven albums in their almost thirty year history, collaborating with such acts as Mos Def, Common and Gorillaz. The group has always pushed the envelope with their buoyant personalities, experimental song craft and individuality, cutting out a permanent place in music history.