Visual Art

Carnival, Jazz, Rave & Kinks

Carnival, Jazz, Rave & Kinks is the North American premiere of four film works by UK artist and filmmaker Dick Jewell. The selection of films reflects the artist’s personal interest in people and movement with a focus on music, dance and club culture. Hundreds of hours of Super 8 and video footage shot in iconic London venues histories a culture of ever-changing motion. Street parties, techno raves, jazz dancers, drag balls and cabaret club scenes intimately converge in the presentation of Notting Hill Carnival 83-86 (1986), The Jazz Room (1987), Rave + Breaks (1992) and Kinky Gerlinky (2002). The opening reception for Carnival, Jazz, Rave & Kinks will feature a performance by DJ Juan Love (John Cardiel).

Dick Jewell is a London-based artist who completed his MA at The Royal College of Art, London. Jewell works with film, video and photography exploring the relationship of anthologies, photomontage and animation. He has directed over 50 documentary films, primarily on the subjects of artists, dance and club culture. Jewell’s films have shown extensively at film festivals and galleries including the Venice Biennale, Tate Liverpool, MOMA Sydney, the Victoria and Albert Museum and the ICA.