The Urinals (2012)

Los Angeles, CA

The Urinals!? Cut the shit. Whether you know it or not - this is one of the most highly respected bands in punk rock history. This is the kind of stuff music fans should know about. It's time to shape up and broaden your musical horizons. Past festival headliners Yo La Tengo did when they cited them as one of their major influences; local legends Women did every time they would take a break in their magical set to cover The Urinals classic "Black Hole"; festival staff member Evan Van Reekum did when he traded a $300 Fender guitar cab and and $50 cash for a bootleg of their first 7"; contemporary Matador-punkers, Ceremony did when they covered their classic "I'm a Bug" on their most recent 7"; No Age did when they covered "Male Masturbation"; The Minutemen did when they covered "Ack Ack Ack Ack" blah blahblah. In fewer words, this band is important. They are a classic. Go see them.