Prince Rama (2012)

Brooklyn, NY

Heading deep into their own movements and manifestos - Brooklyn NY’s Prince Rama have created a monster worthy of focused and careful attention from music critics all over the world. Sisters Taraka & Nimai Larson were raised on a Hare Krishna commune in Florida, and have drawn influence from this Eastern Tradition and aptly inserted it into their unhinged psychedelia. Deep synths rise from a sparkling sea of gamelans and prayer bells as tribal drums pound the earth with the hypnotic power to heal or destroy. Voices carry captivating and haunting melodies that shine like the diamond jewels of old Bollywood soundtracks spilling over dark wave dance floors. Prince Rama will spread excitement, curiosity and intrigue throughout this years festival. Don’t miss out on their hybrid of pagan and new age sounds, witchy textures and ambient spaces.