Brent Weinbach

Los Angeles, CA

Brent Weinbach’s comedy is indescribable and must be seen—or in the case of his CDs, heard—to be believed. A substitute teacher by trade, he’s now a writer for The Eric Andre Show with appearances on Mind Jack, Conan, The Meltdown, Adventure Time, Kroll Show and @midnight. Audiences who’ve seen him on the Comedians of Comedy, at Coachella, Bumbershoot or Just for Laughs have not stopped thinking about how weird and funny and absurd he is, while completely failing at describing his one-of-a-kind bits and jokes to their friends. He’s also been on Comedy Bang! Bang!, if you’re into podcasts, and let’s face it—these days, who isn’t? We could go on and on about where you could see him to get a taste, but a better idea would be to come see him at Sled Island!