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Guest Curator: Peaches

Adam Strangler, Adolyne, Advances, Advertisement, Aleem Khan, An Ant And An Atom, ANAMAI, Ancient Snake, Angel Olsen, Anion, Aquarius, Astrakhan, Astral Gunk, Astral Swans, Avec Le Soleil Sortant De Sa Bouche, The Avulsions, The Backhomes, B.A. Johnston, Beach Season, Bell Witch, The Besnard Lakes, BETRAYERS, Big Knife Little Knife, Bitter Fictions, BLANKA, Blü Shorts, Bog Bodies, Born In Flamez,* BRASS, Built To Spill, Burnt Shrines, Burro, By Divine Right, Caity Fisher, Cakes Da Killa,* Chastity, Chastity Belt, Chieftain, Child Actress, Chris Lorenzo, Chron Goblin, Chuurch, Circuit Des Yeux, Cocaine Eyes, Concealer, Conduct, Counterfeit Jeans, Crack Cloud, CRi, Crosss, Dada Plan, Darto, Davachi/Smith, Dawn Of Midi, Dead Cross, Deafheaven, Desire Will Set You Free,* Diamond Mind, DJ EZ, DOOMSQUAD, Dories, Doug Hoyer, Dream Whip, DRI HIEV, Duchess Says, Dumb, Empty Heads, ESG, Even Gods Can Die, Everyday Things, The Ex-Boyfriends, Faith Healer, Feed Dogs, Feel Alright, Fenster, Feverfew, The Flatliners, FOAM, Form, Fountain, Friesen/Waters Duo, FRIGS, Gawker, Genders, Glad Rags, Guided By Voices, Hansmole, HEALTH, Heaven For Real, HELLEN, Hermitess, HexRay, The Highest Order, Holding Hands, Hood Joplin, HSY, HUMANS, Hurry Up, Hush Pup, Hyenaz,* Jay Arner, Jesse and the Dandelions, Jo Passed, Johnny de Courcy, Jom Comyn, Jons, JOOKLO ZAPPA, Julia Holter, Junglepussy,* Kaytranada, KIM GRAY, Kiso Island, L.T.Leif, LA Foster, Lab Coast, Lafawndah,* Land Of Talk, Late Spring, Latex Honey Glove, Line Traps, Lost Blood, Lost Creatures, LoveWaves, Lucid 44, Lunatique, Lung Cancer, Maluca,* Man Forever, Mark Adam, Marlaena Moore, Máscaras, MASKS, MAXJULLIAN, Melted Mirror, Merganzer, Metafloor, Milk Toast, Mitchmatic, Monroeville Music Centre, Moon King, MOTHS & LOCUSTS, Mujahedeen, N3K, New Bomb Turks, Nicolas Field, Night Committee, No River, Nobaby, Norwegian Icebreaker, Numenorean, OAKK, okpk, Old Girl, Oneida, Orthicon, Painted Fruit, Pale Lips, Participation, Partner, Peaches, Pears, People Of The North, Physical Copies, Pigeon Breeders, pinner, Planningtorock,* The Plodes, PMMA, Postman, Power-Buddies, Pre Nup, Prepared, Preston, PROTOMARTYR, Psychic TV, Pyramid//Indigo, Quaker Parents, The Radiation Flowers, Radioactivity, Rayleigh, respectfulchild, Rubix, Sargeant & Comrade, SBDC, SCHOOLGIRL, The Seth Bogart Show, severed feathers, Shattered, Shearing Pinx, shitlord fuckerman, The Shiverettes, Shooting Guns, Shotgun Jimmie, Sightlines, Sinistarr, Sinzere Sings, sitstill, Sleepkit, Slo Dance, Smoke Eaters, The Sonics, Speedy Ortiz, SubRosa, Sunglaciers, Supermoon, SUUNS, Swim Team, Switches, The Switching Yard, The Synthetiques, Technical Kidman, TEETH, Tendencies, Terminal Head, Terra, Tigerwing, Tiny Shrine, Tisper, together PANGEA, TOPS, Tortoise, Tough Age, Traces, Tropic Harbour, TT The Artist,* tunic, tuques, TV Ugly, Ultra Gash, Untrained Animals, Vaalt, Valient Thorr, Valiska, Vice Cooler,* ViewMaster, Vulva Culture, Waitress, War Baby, Wares, The Weir, Weird Year, WHOOP-Szo, Willie Thrasher & Linda Saddleback, Wilt, Witchstone, Yankee Yankee, Year Of Glad, Yes We Mystic, ZAD KOKAR, The Zorgs

*Peaches' picks


Guest Curator: Godspeed You! Black Emperor

36?, A.Y.E. & the Extraordinary Gentlemen, ACRONYMS, Advertisement, Aleem Khan, alex aleco, Ashley Soft, Astrakhan, Astral Swans, Avec Le Soleil Sortant De Sa Bouche,* The Avulsions, The Backhomes, The Basement Demons, Beach Season, Beat Cops, Ben Frost, BETRAYERS, Big Brave,* Birdstriking, Bitter Fictions, Black Givre, Black Milk, Blonde Elvis, Blü Shorts, The Blue, Body Polish, Body/Head,* Bog Bodies, BRASS, Brushsigns, Bry Webb, Bullshit Hardcore Band, Burnt Shrines, Burro, Carla Bozulich,* Cave Girl, The Chain, Chairs, Chieftain, Christians, Chron Goblin, Chronobot, The Coathangers, Colleen Green, Conduct, Corinthian, Counterfeit Jeans, The Courtneys, Cousins, Crosss, Cult Babies, Cy Dune, Daniel Lanois, David Dondero,* De La Soul, Dead Ranch, Dead Soft, Dextress, Diamond Mind, Divepool, DJ Heebz, DJ Ivan Rankic, DJ Maseo, Dojo Workhorse, Domestic, The Dories, Dream Whip, DRI HIEV, Dried Out, Drive Like Jehu, Duotang, Empty Heads, Energy Slime, Ex Hex, The Ex-Boyfriends, The Ex,* EXITS, Failgiver, Faith Healer, The Faps, Feel Alright, Feverfew, Fountain, Fred & Toody,* Friesen/Waters Duo, Fu Manchu, Fuckworld, FURY THINGS, Gender Poutine, GENDERS, GHIBLI, Ghostkeeper, GIRL ARM, Glitter, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Grossbuster, Grounders, Guantanamo Baywatch, Hag Face, Heartbeat(s), Heaven For Real, Her Harbour, HexRay, High Klassified, High Wasted, Homebody, Hood Joplin, Hot Mess DJs, Humble Giants, Hundred Waters, Hush Pup, HVAD, Hypnotic Brass Ensemble, I Hate Sex, Ice Age, Invisible Ray, Isis Graham, J. Sherri, Jade Statues, Jaga Jazzist, Jazz Cartier, Jessy Lanza, Jom Comyn, Jon Cohen Experimental, Jon Mckiel, Jons, JOYFULTALK, Juan Ton, Juan Wauters, Jung People, Kappa Chow, Keys N Krates, King Tuff, La Luna, Lab Coast, The Lad Mags, Leeky Tearducts, Lightning Bolt, Little League , LOC-NAR, Loscil, Low Levels, Lucid 44, lushush, Lydia Ainsworth, M16, Maica Mia, Mamiffer, MANcub, The Mandates, Mark Mills, Mark Templeton + Kyle Armstrong, Máscaras, Matana Roberts,* MAXJULLIAN, Mdou Moctar,* Meat Wave, Melted Mirror, Michael Feuerstack, Miles Cooper Seaton, Milk, Monolith AB, Monomyth, Morewine, Mortality Rate, Mourning Coup, Mykki Blanco, Mystic Triangle, Nap Eyes, Natural Selection DJs, The Neutral States, Night Committee, No Hands, No River, The Now Feeling, Numenorean, Oak, Obnox, OHMWAR, OK Jazz, Old Man Gloom, Open Letters, Orthicon, Oseko, Other Jesus, Overnight, Oxbow, Patrick Seager, Pigeon Breeders, pinner, Pissed Jeans, Plastick, The Plodes, Pop Crimes, Prepared, Psychic Pollution, The Pygmies, Quaker Parents, Racket, The Radiation Flowers, Renny Wilson Punk Explosion, Roses MP DJs, Rougies Clique, Samantha Savage Smith, Sarah Davachi, Scars & Scarves, Scattered Clouds, SET, Set It Off DJs, Shaani Cage, Shooting Guns, Sigh Down One, Sightlines, Sigil, Skinny Kids, SLATES, Slow Down Molasses, Slow Learners, Smalltown DJs, Soft Cure, The Soft Option, Softess, Son Lux, SP Davis, Sprïng, Stepmothers, Strange Fires, Stress Eating, Sturle Dagsland, Sumac, Summering, Superbloom, Susan, Swervedriver, Switches, Taxa, Technical Kidman, Tee-Tahs, Teengirl Fantasy, Television, Tigerwing, The Tontos, Tory Lanez, Tough Age, Troyboi, Tunic, tuques, Turnstile, Untrained Animals, Uptights, VAMPIRES, Vapid, Viet Cong, Virgins, Waingro, Wares, The Weir, WHIMM, WHOOP-Szo, Witchstone, Woolworm, Wormwood, The WPP, Yankee Yankee, Year of Glad, Yo La Tengo, Yonatan Gat, Young Sioux, The Zorgs

*Godspeed You! Black Emperor's picks


Guest Curator: Kathleen Hanna

36?, A.Y.E., Adictox, Advertisement, The Allovers, Anciients, Animal Faces, AraabMuzik, Arrabio, astral swans, Ayoo Angie, B-Lines, B.A. Johnston, The Backhomes, Balacade, The Basement Demons, Bass Drum of Death, Beach Season, Ben Disaster, BETRAYERS, Bitter Fictions, The Bitterweed Draw, Black Atlass, Black Cobra, Black Hell Oil, Black Wizard, The Blind Shake, Blitzen Trapper, Blondes, Bob Mould, Book of Caverns, Brazilian Money, Bry Webb, Burnt Shrines, Burro, Cashmere Cat, Catholic Girls, Caves, Chelsea Wolfe, Coach Longlegs, Cold Water, Construction & Destruction, Cowpuncher, Crosss, Crystal Swells, Dan Deacon, Dead Ghosts, Dead Soft, Deadbeat, Deadkill, Devonian Gardens, Diamond Mind, Dirty Spells, Disappears, Divepool, DJ Bob Mould (Punk Rock Fancy), Dominic Pierce, Dories, Doug Hoyer, Each Other, Earthless, Economics, Elliott Brood, The Ex-Boyfriends, Exotic Functions, Feel Alright, Fist City, Fist City DJs, FIVER, Flint, Fountain, Freak Heat Waves, The Fresh & Onlys, Fury Things, Gary Debussy, Gaytheist, Ghettosocks & Relic, Ghibli, GIRL ARM, GODS, The Greater Wall, Gretchen, Hag Face, Hana Vave, Hand Cream, Heaven For Real, Hello Moth, HexRay, High Ends, HighKicks, Holgans, Hot Mess, Humble Giants, Hunx and His Punx,* Icarus, Iceberg Ferg, Invasives, Jacques Greene, James Deen, Jay Arner, Jerusalem In My Heart, Jiffy Marker, Joel Plaskett Emergency, Johnny de Courcy, Jom Comyn, Jon Mckiel, Jons, Julianna Barwick, Jung People, Killer Mike, Kline, KoKo, Kris Ellestad, LA LUNA, La Luz, Lab Coast, The Lad Mags, Laura Leif, Lu_Shush, Lucid 44, Maica Mia, MANcub, The Mandates, Mark Mills, Mayland, Mind Troll,* Mise en Scene, Mission of Burma, The Moas, Modern Aquatics, Mormon Crosses, Mu, Muerte Pan Alley, The Nancees, Natasha Kmeto, NEEDS, Neko Case, Nervous Talk, Night Committee, NN, No River, The Nymphets, Old Man Markley, Omhouse, Oneohtrix Point Never, Open Relationship, Operators, Outer Minds, Phalec Baldwin, Pinner, Pop Crimes, Postnamers, Powder Blue, Power Trip, Project Pablo, PS I Love You, Public Animal, The Pygmies, Quaker Parents, Quitting, Raleigh, Rap X, Red Sea, Renny Wilson, The Repossessors, Rhye, Rocket From the Crypt, Roman Polanski’s Baby,* Royal Canoe, Samantha Savage Smith, Sarah Davachi, SAVK, Screaming Females,* Shaani Cage, Shannon and the Clams, Sheer Agony, The Shivas, Shooting Guns, The Shrine, Sightlines, Skin Colour, The Slabs, Slates, Slow Down Molasses, Smalltown DJs, Soft Cure, The Soft Option, Solids, Sontag, Soupcans, Spiritualized, The Spits, Spurz, St. Vincent, The Stanfields, Starr Party, Stefana Fratila, Stepmothers, störc, Strange Attractor, STWO, Supermoon, Technical Kidman, Tee-Tahs, Tel Fyr, Teledrome, TEMPLE, Tigerwing, Tiny Shrine, Tomahonqii, Tommy Cruise, Touché Amoré, Tough Age, U.S. Girls, UN BLONDE, The Vacant Lots, Vapid, Village, War Baby, The Weir, What’s Wrong Tohei, White Lung, White Women, Wicked Healing, The Wicks, Wild Rose Soul Club DJs, William Tyler, Wilt, Witchstone, woolworm, The Yeah Dads, Year of Glad, Yent, Young Braised, The Younger Lovers,* Youssou Seck, Zen Mystery Fogg

*Kathleen Hanna's picks


Guest Curators: John Dwyer (Thee Oh Sees), Tim Hecker

Note: As Sled Island was partially cancelled in 2013 because of that year's Alberta floods, many of the artists listed below were unable to perform as scheduled.

100 Mile House, The Abramson Singers, Adolyne, Akron/Family, Alanadale, The Allovers, AM Static, Amy Hef, Anchoress, Arrowz, Astral Swans, Axis of Conversation, B-Lines, The Backhomes, BadBadNotGood, The Basement Demons, Bear Mountain, The Beets,* Ben Caplan, Ben Disaster, The Besnard Lakes, Bestie, BETRAYERS, Biblical, The Bicycles, Big Eyes, Bitter Fictions, Bitter Pricks, The Bitterweed Draw, The Black Dots, Black Magic Pyramid, Black Thunder, BLEACHERS, The Blind Shake,* BLIST, Boogie Howser, Book of Caverns, Brazilian Money, The Burnettes, Burning Love, Burnt Ones,* Burro, The Cable-knits, Callow, Calvin Love, Cantoo, Caroline Keating, Catgut, catl, Caves, Chains of Love, Chairs, The Chantrelles, Charlie CB, Chlorinator, CHRISTIAN HANSEN, Circles, Code Orange Kids, Cody Swinkles, Cold Water, Colin Stetson,** Cop City/Chill Pillars,* The Courtneys, COUSINS, Cove Tpada, Cowpuncher, Crimson, Crosss, Crystal Swells, Daywalker, Dead Soft, Deadkill, The Deep Dark Woods, Dent May, Devonian Gardens, Divine Fits, The Dodos, Doug Hoyer, Dragon Fli Empire, Drop The Lime, economics, Elgin-Skye, Energetic Action, Eric Chenaux, The Escorts, Explosions in the Sky, Extra Happy Ghost!!!, Faux Fur, Feel Alright, Field + Stream, Fire Next Time, Fist City, Flint, Foam Lake, Freak Heat Waves, Frontier Ruckus, Fury Things, Gaslamp Killer, Gaytheist, Ghibli, Ghostkeeper, Gianna Lauren, Glitter, Gold, The Gooeys, Gretchen, GROUNDERS, Grown-Ups, GSTS!, Hannah Epperson, Heaven For Real, Heidi Alexander,* HexRay, Hidden Towers, The Highest Order, HighKicks, Hollerado, Homeshake, Hook and Eye, Hooves, Humans, Iceage, Iceberg Ferg, If I Look Strong; You Look Strong, Invasives, Ital, Ivan Rankic, Jamaican Queens, Javelin, Jay Arner, Jerusalem In My Heart,** Jessica Jalbert, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Jim Bryson, Joel Plaskett Emergency, John K. Sampson, John Wesley Coleman III, Johnny De Courcy and the Death Rangers, The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, July Talk, Jung People, Ken Mode, Kenna Burima, Ketamines, Keys N Krates, Kim Taylor, Kingdom, Kelela, Knots, Koban, Krang, Kris Ellestad, Kuhrye-oo, Kurvi Tasch, Kyote, La Luna, Lab Coast, The Lad Mags, Latcho Drom, The LBJs, Le Révélateur,** Lowell, Lucid 44, Mac DeMarco, MANcub, The Mants, Marble Lion, Mark Mills, Matthew A. Wilkinson, METZ, miesha & the spanks, Mise en Scene, The Moas, Monogamy Party, Monomyth, Moon, Mount Eerie, The Nancees, NerdX, New Friends, Nicholas Krgovich, Night Committee, The Night Marchers, No River, No Sinner, The Noble Thiefs, Northcote, The Nymphets, Obey the Crooks, OFF!, Old and Weird, Old Man Markley, Open Relationship, Outer Minds, Outlaws of Ravenhurst, The Pack AD, Paper Beat Scissors, Peace, Pete Swanson,** Philoceraptor, Pick A Piper, Powder Blue, Quaker Parents, Rabbits, Raleigh, Rap X, Rene Hell,** Renny Wilson, The Repossessors, Roaming Storms, Running,* Ryan Hemsworth, Sabo Forte, Sabota, Samantha Savage Smith, Sanctums, SAVK, Scrapbooker, The Seahags, Seahorse, Seizure Salad, Sharing, SHEARING PINX, Shooting Guns, Sightlines, Sissys, Skip Jensen Group, Skye Wallace, The Slabs, Slam Dunk, Slow Down Molasses, slow learners, Smalltown DJs, The Soft Option, Sons of Bears, Spencer Jo & the River Jacks, Stepmothers, Sunshine, Superchunk, Surf Kitties!, SUUNS, Swans, TAIWAN, Technical Kidman, Teledrome, Telstar Drugs, Thee Oh Sees, THEESatisfaction, The Thermals, This Hisses, Tim Hecker, Torche, Tough Age, Travis Bretzer, Trigger Effect, UBT, UN, Un Blonde, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Valiska, Valleys, Vapid, Victories, Viet Cong, Village, Violence, Violet Age, Walter TV, War Baby, Warm Soda,* The Washboard Union, We are the City, The Weir, White Ash Falls, White Lung, White Women, Witchstone, The Wizards, Young Benjamins, Young Braised, Zebrassieres, Zen Mystery Fogg

*John Dwyer's picks
**Tim Hecker's picks


Guest Curators: Andrew W.K., Danny Vacon (The Dudes)

Aleister X,* The Allovers, Ancients, And So I Watch You From Afar, Andrew WK, Androgynous Mind, The Antlers, Archers of Loaf, Auntie Mae and the Death Ray, Aunty Panty, B.A. Johnston, Baby Dee,* Babysitter, Bad Brilliance,* The Ballantynes, Bankrobber, The Bash Brothers, Basketball, Beekeeper, Bel Riose, Bend Sinister, Bennink/West/Ex, Bitter Fictions, The Bitterweed Draw, Black Mastiff, Black Wizard, The Blind Shake, Bloodhouse, Boats, Bonjay, Bonnaventure James, Boris, Brazilian Money, Breaux, The British Columbians, The Cable Knits, Calamalka, Camp Radio, Cannon Bros., Capitol 6, Castle River, CFCF, Cherie Lily, Chief Navaho, Chixdiggit, Chron Goblin, Clinton St. John & the Sacred Chester Marching Band, The Collapse, The Collective & the Calgary Youth Chorus, Cousins, Cowpuncher, Craig Finn, Cripple Creek Fairies, Daedalus with Archimedes, Death by Stereo, Devon Sproule,* The Diet, Dirty Ghosts, Dirty Sill, Dirty Spells, DJ Jonathan Toubin, DJ Rice, DJ Teddy Celebration, DJ Tristan Orchard, Dog Day, Dojo Workhorse, Doldrums, Double Fuzz, Doug Hoyer, Dragon Fli Empire, Duchess Says, The Dudes, Each Other, The Evaporators, Ewan Kirk, Extra Happy Ghost!!!, Falcon, Faux Fur, Feel Alright, Feist, Field & Stream, Fist City, FIVER, Flint, Flosstradamus, Foam Lake, The Folsoms, Forest Tate, Freak Heat Waves, The Get Down, Gold, The Gooeys, Goose Hut, Gothic Tropic, Grave Babies, Greys, GreyScreen, Grown-Ups, Happy New Year, Haunted Souls, Hayes Carll, HighKicks, The Hold Steady, HONHEEHONHEE, Hooded Fang, Hot Snakes, How to Dress Well, HUMANS, Hunter-Gatherer, If I Look Strong, You Look Strong, Indian Handcrafts, J Boogie, Jeans Boots, Jeremy Clarkson, Jessica Jalbert, Jessica Kokott, Joe Pernice, Jolie Holland, Jon Gant, Jon Mckiel, K-Holes, Keep Tidy, The Ketamines, Kingdom Cloud, Korean Gut, Lab Coast, Ladyhawk, Larry and His Flask, LEGS, Les Jupes, Lorne Burlington, Lost.Book.Found, Lou Barlow, Love Cuts, Madcowboys, MAGAS,* The Mandates, Max Ulis, Michael Feuerstack, Micro Organs, miesha & the spanks, MONOKINO, Monomyth, The Mountaineer, Nate Young, Needles//Pins, NEEDS, New Friends, Nicolas Field, Night Beats, Night Committee, No River, No Sinner, No You Hang Up!, Nomeansno, Nu Sensae, Oh No! Yoko, Open Channels, Outlaws of Ravenhurst, The Parish of Little Clifton, Parlovr, Peace, Pho, Pleasure Cruise, PLEIADES, Prince Rama, The Pygmies, Quaker Parents, Rachael Schroeder, The Ramblin’ Ambassadors, Rap X, Reigning Sound, Renny Wilson, Reuben & the Dark, Ricca Razor Sharp, Rococode, Role Mach, Roses MP DJs with Annie Southworth and Adam Kamis, The Ruffled Feathers, Russian Circles, The Sadies, Samantha Savage Smith, Sarah Ford, The Schomberg Fair, DJ Sean Thomas Stewart, Shabazz Palaces, Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet, Sheer Agony, Shematomas, Shotgun Jimmie, The Shrapnelles, Sissys, Slam Dunk, Slates, Sleepy Panther, Slow Learners, Smalltown DJs, Snailhouse, SNAKATAK & Tessa G. (of Tayisha Busay),* The Soft Option, Sorry, Stalwart Sons, Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks, Steve Adamyk Band, The Strange Boys, Stressed Out, TAPES, Teen Daze, Teledrome, Tent Healer, Terry Malts, This City Defects, This Hisses, Thurston Moore, Tim Hecker, Timber Timbre, Too High Crew, Trash Island, Travis Bretzer, Trust, Twin River, Two Towns, The Urinals, Victories, Vinny Slappers, Wake Owl, War Baby, Waster, Watermelon, Wax Romeo & Amak (The Heartbeat), We are the City, The Weir, White Poppy, The Wicked Awesomes!, Willis Earl Beal, Windom Earle, Witchstone, Yamantaka//Sonic Titan, The You Are Minez, Young Empires, The Zolas

*Andrew W.K.'s picks


Guest Curators: Grant Lawrence (CBC Radio 3), Bogus Tokus

Adaline, Adebisi Shank, Alberta Cross, Alejandro Escovedo, An Horse, Au, Auld Beak, B-Lines, Bare Wires, Barn Burner, Battle Snakes, Bayonets!!!, Beekeeper, Beladeans, The Bellrays, Biblical, Bison B.C., BJ Snowden, Black Dirt of the West, Black Mastiff, Black Rabbit, Blonde Redhead, Blue King Brown, Book of Caverns, BRAIDS, Brain Fever, Buzzcocks, C'mon, Camp Radio, Chad VanGaalen, Chains of Love, Chali 2na, Cheeseburger, Cold Craving, Cousins, Crocodiles, Crow Eater, Cursive, Damages, The Dandy Warhols, Dave Nadah, DBL Dragon, Dead Ghosts, Dead Meadow, Dead Voices, Deer Tick, Demon's Claws, Dinosaur Feathers, Dominique Fricot, The Donkeys, Double Fuzz, Dreamdate, Drunk Horse, Dum Dum Girls, Duzheknew, Electric Six, Extra Happy Ghost!!!, Fabulous Dad, Faux Fur, Feel Alright, Feral Children, Fist City, Float Like Stones, The Foggy Notions, Friendo, Friends Electric, The Get Down, Gianna Lauren, Gobble Gobble, The Gooeys, The Greenhornes, Grey Kingdom, Grown-Ups, The Heart Beat, Heart Failure Research Unit, The Hits, Honheehonhee, Hot Panda, Hot Sweet Noise, Howlin’ Rain, Hunter-Gatherer, Hunx and His Punx, Ian Svenonius, Igloos, In Media Res, Indian Wars, The Intelligence, Invasives, Isis Graham, James T Kirks, Jasper Sloan Yip, Jenn Grant, Jennifer Castle, Jeremy Clarkson, Jim Ward, The Jolts, Jon Mckiel, Julianna Barwick, Justin Townes Earle, Keep Tidy, Ketamines, Keys N Krates, Kingdom Cloud, Krocodile Egg Tooth, Kuhrye-oo, Kurt Vile, Lab Coast, Lee Ranaldo, Legs, Library Voices, Louise Burns, Lusitania, The Luyas, The Lytics, Man Legs, Man Man, The Mandates, Maria in the Shower, Mariya Soetaert, Mark Davis, Memory Screen, Michael Rault, miesha & the spanks, Minto, Minus the Bear, Mode Moderne, Monokino, Moon Duo, The Muffs, The Nancees, Needles//Pins, No Gold, No River, NR, Of Montreal, Old Bones, On Lock, Orgone, Parts & Labor, Pat Jordache, Pedro Monkeyfinger, Pierced Arrows, Pierre Laporte, Piper Davis, Piranha Piranha, Play Guitar, Pujol, Quest For Fire, Quivers, Rae Spoon, Rajas, Raleigh, Ramblin' Ambassadors, Random Task Collective, Raveonettes, Red Cedar, Red Fant, Robbie Aylesworth, Rococode, Role Mach, Royal Canoe, Sabo Forte, Samantha Savage Smith, The Sandwitches, Sans AIDS, Scarebro, Scrapbooker, Seahorse, Seizure Salad, Shannon and the Clams, Shooting Guns, Shortwave Society, The Shrapnelles, Shuttle, Shuyler Jansen, Skratch Bastid, Slam Dunk, SLATES, Sleep, Sleepy Panther, Slow Down Molasses, Smalltown DJs, Social Studies, The Soft Pack, Sonny & the Sunsets, The Spreads, The SSRIs, Stalwart Sons, Stressed Out, STRFKR, Sun Wizard, Susie Forsyth, The Sword, Teen Daze, Teenanger, Teengirl Fantasy, Thee Oh Sees, Timecopz, Times New Viking, Topless Mongos, Trigger Effect, Twin Shadow, Two Bicycles, UN, Uncle Badtouch, The Vicious Cycles, Wake, We are the City, The Whitsundays, Wild Flag, Wild Nothing, Yip Deceiver, Young Liars, Young Ones, Zola Jesus


Guest Curators: Fucked Up, King Khan, Quintron & Miss Pussycat

!!!, The Albertans, Angelo Spencer, Anti-Pop Consortium, Apollo Ghosts, Austin Lucas, Azeda Booth, B-Lines, Babe Rainbow, Bart Davenport, The Bash Brothers, Battle Snakes, Beans, Big Business, Big Freedia, Bikeland, Bison BC, Black Lips, Black Magic Pyramid, Bloodshot Bill, Bogus Tokus, Bonnaventure James, Boogie Monster, Box Elders, The Boyfriends, Boys Who Say No, BRAIDS, Brain Fever, Brazilian Money, Brontoscorpio, The Bronx, Built To Spill, By Divine Right, C'mon, Carpenter, Cavaliers!, Cave, Cex, Chain & the Gang, Cheeseburger, Christine Owman, Chuck Ragan, Cinister CEE, Construction & Destruction, Copilots, Cousins, Crippled Children, Deadhorse, Deerhoof, Dim Stith, Dinosaur Jr., The Donkeys, The Duchess And the Duke, The Dudes, economics, Envelopes Filled with Cash, Equazn, Famines, Fist City, Flyvillain, Foonyap & the Roar, Freak Heat Waves, French Friar, The Frequency, Friendo, Fuck the Tundra, Fucked Up, Ghost Factory, Ghosts of the Land, Ginsberg’s Inkling, Girl Talk, Golden Triangle, Goose Hut, Greg MacPherson, Grown-Ups, Gyre Spire & Spindle, GZA, Hard Drugs, Headaches, Hellshovel, Hollerado, Hot Panda, Hot Water Music, Hunter Gatherer, Impirical, In Media Res, In Vacuo, Inlets, James Husband, Jane Vain & the Dark Matter, Jazz, Jesus, The Johnnys, The Jolts, Jonathan Toubin, Key To the City, The King Khan & BBQ Show, Kobra & the Lotus, Krang, Les Savy Fav, Lesbians On Ecstasy, Let’s Dance, Lorrie Matheson, Losiker, The Madcowboys, Makeout Videotape, Man Legs, Manchild, Mantrakid, The Mants, Mares of Thrace, Mariachi El Bronx, Mark Sultan, Melissa Auf Der Maur, Melvins, Mico, Mini Mansions, Minstrel Cycle, Miranda Lee, Mockingbird Wish Me Luck, Monkey, Mont Analogue, My Gold Mask, Myelin Sheaths, Myths, Nice Nice, Night Committee, No Age, NoMeansNo, North of America, Northcote, nR, Nu Sensae, The Nymphets, Odawas, Outdoor Miners, The Pack AD, Panther, Party at the Moontower, Passenger Action, Peace, Pete Meadows, Piper Davis, Poly Shores, The Posies, Priestess, Profound Sound, The Provincial Archive, Quintron & Miss Pussycat, Radians, Rah Rah, The Ramblin' Ambassadors, Red Cedar, Ricca Razor Sharp, Rudy Guy, Rum Runner, SAVK, Seizure Salad, Sharp Ends, Shep & DJ Stilz, Shout Out Out Out, Signals, Silje Nes, Slam Dunk, Sleepy Sun, Slim Cessna’s Auto Club, Smalltown DJs, So Cow, Southeast Engine, Spastic Panthers, Spookey Reuben, Square Waves, The SSRIs, Stalwart Sons, Sugar and Gold, Super Nice Bros, Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, Tension Slips, The Almighty Defenders, The Thulls, Thee Manipulators, The Thermals, Throwaways, Topless Mongos, Touch And Nato, Trigger Effect, Turbo Fruits, Ty Segall, Tyvek, Unnatural Helpers, Valleys, Weird Shits, White Lung, WhoMadeWho, Why?, Wild Choir, Women, Woodhands, Woodpigeon, Young Ones


Guest Curator: Colin Newman (Wire)

40 Thieves, A Relative Distance, Adelaide, Aerosol Constellations, Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir, ahna, Analog Bell Service, Andrew W.K., Anvil, Axis of Conversation, Azeda Booth, The Backbone of Science, Battle Snakes, Bayonets!!!, Bebop Cortez, Before Dawn, Beija Flor, Bell Tower, Bend Sinister, Beneath These Idle Tides, Bikeland, Black Dicks, Black Mold, The Blind Shake, Blist, BLOOO BOI, The Blue Violets, Boogie Monster, Book of Black Earth, The Bownesians, BRAIDS, Brasstronaut, The Breeders, The Brenda Vaqueros, The Bronx, Calum Graham, Cam Penner, Cam the Wizzard, Chris Gheran & the Graveyard Gang, Christian Hansen & the Autistics, Clea Anais, The Coathangers, The Colin Decker Free Fall, Colourbook, Cool Dad, Cripple Creek Fairies, Crosstown Rivals, Curtis Santiago, Cut Off Your Hands, The Darcys, The Dead Science, DeadNeckFury, Desert Boots, Desiderata, Dieselboy, The Doer and the Doddler, Dragon Fli Empire, E.L.E.V.E.N., Eamon McGrath, Endangered Ape, Envelopes Filled with Cash, The Evaporators, The Evidence, The Ex-Boyfriends, Excision, Extra Happy Ghost!!!, Final Fantasy, Fine Mist, Fond of Tigers, foonyap, Fox Opera, Frantic Artillery, Friendo, The Get Down, Ghostkeeper, Gift Eaters, Gift of Gab, Githead,* GOBBLE GOBBLE, The Good Luck Assembly, The Grim Beat, hank and lily, Hazard Lights, Health, Heat Ray, Hollerado, Holy Fuck,* Hot Little Rocket, Hot Panda, The Hours, INDIENSOCI, Instinct, Japandroids, Jezibelle, Jim Brown as Rank Nubah, Jody Glenham, Joe Nice, Jon-Rae Fletcher, Jonathan Toubin, Keser, Kilbourne, The King Khan & BBQ Show, Kisses of Fire, Knots, Knucklehead, Kris Ellestad, Ladyhawk, Last Plague, Lazertag, Les Jupes, Liars,* Library Voices, lint, Lucas Chaisson, Lucid 44, Madcowboys, The Main Drag, Malajube, Mark Sultan, Matthew Skopyk, MC Juakali, Meat Draw, Meggido, Michael Rault, miesha & the spanks, Mike B., The Moby Dicks, The Mohawk Lodge, Monotonix, Moth! Fight!, Mount Analogue, Mt. Eerie, Mt. Royal, Myelin Sheaths, The Neckbeards, The Neckers, The New Danger Kids, New Fight Scene, No Gold, No Horses, Noah York, Novillero, Nu Sensae, O'Death, Obits, Octoberman, Oldfolks Home, The Outlaws of Ravenhurst, Oye!, The Pack A.D., The Paperbacks, Passenger Action, Pete Samples, Pine Tarts, Plague, The Press Gang, Priya Thomas, Puberty, Quintron & Miss Pussycat, The Racoons, Ramblin' Ambassadors, Random Task Collective, The Re-Mains, Ricca Razor Sharp, Rio Bent, Robin Hunter and the Six Foot Bullies, Rocket Reducers, Ruben Young, Rude City Riot, Rural Alberta Advantage, Said the Whale, Sarah Clark, Sean Nicholas Savage, Seven Story Redhead, Sex Party, Sex with Strangers, The Shagbots, Sharp Ends, Shearing Pinx, The Sheepdogs, Sit Still!, Sleepyhead, Slim Pickins, Slim Twig, SNFU, Sons of York, Sounds Like BS, Space Rabies, The Square Waves, The SSRIs, Stamina Mantis, The Stolen Organ Family Band, The Sub-linguals, The Superfantastics, Susie Forsyth, Swank, swords, Team Building, That's the Spirit, The Great Orbax Freak Show, The Rebel Spell, The Rub, These Arms are Snakes, Thighs, Tricky Woo, Twin Crystals, The Von Zippers, Walk Off the Earth, The Warbrides, Whitey Houston, The Whitsundays, The Wicked Awesomes!, Women,* Woodhands, Woodpigeon, The Yells, Yes Nice, York Redoubt, Yukon Blonde, Zebra Pulse

*Colin Newman's picks


Guest Curator: Scott Kannberg (Pavement)

7 and 7 Is, Aaron Booth, The Absent Sound, Andy MaGoffin's Two Minute Miracles, Apostle of Hustle, Axis of Conversation, Azeda Booth, Basketball, BBQ, Beans, Beija Flor, Bend Sinister, Bil Hetherington and the Asian Tigers, Bison, Blind Tiger, Tiger, Blist, Blitzen Trapper, The Blood Lines, Boats, Braden Funchner, The Brenda Vaqueros, Broken Social Scene,* Broken West, Capital RRRs, Carolyn Mark, Chad VanGaalen, Chixdiggit, Chris Gheran, Christian Hansen & the Autistics, Christmas, The City Streets, Clinton St. John, The Clips, The Coast, The Consonant C, The Cops,* Cripple Creek Fairies, Crookers, The Cryptomaniacs, Curtis Santiago, Dan Deacon, Darren Frank, DD/MM/YYYY, Deerhunter, The Details, The Dirty Dirty North, The Dodos,* Dojo Workhorse, Dragon Fli Empire, Drive-By Truckers, Elizabeth, Elliot Brood, Enablers,* Endangered Ape, Extra Golden, Fake Shark Real Zombie!, The Fast Romantics, Faunts, The Fellas, Forest Tate Fraser, Francis Cheer, Fucked Up, The Funfuns, Ghost Bees, Grizzly Bear, The Gutter Twins, Gutterawl, Hawaiian Bibles, Headlights, Heat Ray, The Hermit, Honeybear, Hot Awesome, Hot Little Rocket, Hunter Gatherer, Indiensoci, Jane Vain & the Dark Matter, Japandroids, Jesse Dangerously, Jon Mckiel, Jonathan Richman, Jose Gonzales, Junior Panthers, Kara Keith, Katie Stelmanis, Key to the City, Kisses of Fire, Knots, Kris Ellestad, Langhorne Slim, Language Arts, Library Voices, Life Like Cobra, lint, Lonely Hunters, Luther Wright, Madcowboys, The Mae Shi, Mantrakid, Mark Birtles Project, The Martyr Index, Matt Masters, Mogwai, The Mohawk Lodge, Morgan Greenwood, Mother Mother, Mt. Royal, My Robot Unicorn, Nathan M. Godfrey, The Neckers, The Neighborhood Council, No Age, Octoberman, Of Montreal, Okkervil River, Olé, The Ostrich, Painted Birds, The Paperbacks, Paul James Coutts & Chains, Pine Tarts, Pizza Beats, The Popular Front, Portastatic, Portico, Qui, Raccoon, The Ramblin' Ambassadors, Random Task Collective, Ricca Razor Sharp & DJ Jetleg, Rich Aucoin, Rio Bent, Rock Plaza Central, RZA as Bobby Digital featuring Stone Mecca, Scott Macleod, Scout Niblett, The Secret Machines, Seven Story Redhead, The Shagbots, Shuyler Jansen, SIDS, Snake Mountain, snic, Spiral Stairs, Still Flyin',* The Stolen Organ Family Band, Stonehocker, Sub-linguals, The Suicide Wrists, The Summerlad, Sunparlour Players, Sweater Contest, Sweet Cop Sour Cop, The Teenage Popes, Tegan & Sara, Tetraktys, These Hands, Tren Brothers,* The Unbundling, The Uncas, The Vicious Crystals, Vitaminsforyou, The Von Zippers, The Warbrides, Wax Mannequin, The Wet Secrets, The Whitsundays, Wire,* Wizards, Womb Baby, Women, Woodpigeon, Yo La Tengo, Young and Sexy

*Scott Kannberg's picks


Guest Curator: Mark Hamilton

The A Team, Aaron Booth, The Adam Brown, Antigone, Axis of Conversation, Azeda Booth, Bigfoot Rocketship, Black Dots, Bobby Conn, Boredoms, C'mon, Castle Grey Skull, Cat Power, Celebrity Hot Tub, Chad VanGaalen, The Consonant C, Constantines, Cosmo Baker, CPC Gangbangs, Curtis Santiago, Darren Frank, Debonair Samir, Destroyer, The Details, DJ Pump, Dojo Workhorse, Duck!, The Dudes, Eric Bachmann, The Ex-Boyfriends, Forbidden Dimension, Forest City Lovers, The Fox Opera, Fred Armisen, Geronimo, Get Down, Ghosts of Modern Man, Grandfather Fire & the Holy Morning, Grim Beat, Gunther, Hills Like White Elephants, Hot Little Rocket, Hylozoists, The Jagatha Christies, Jane Vain & the Dark Matter, Jay Crocker & the Electric Apes, The Johnsons, The Keith Frank, Kilbourne, Kill the Lights, Knots, Koffin Kats, Lazersnake, Les Savy Fav, Light City Fiction, Lint, Lions & Tigers & Bears, Lonely Vulcans, Lucid 44, Marble Index, Mark Birtles Project, Mates of State, Miracle Fortress, Montag, Mother Mother, My Robot Unicorn, National Frost, The Neighbourhood Council, Noon Rocket Smog, The Nympets, Oh Bijou, The Ostrich, The Paperbacks, Paramedic, The Petites, Pressure Kill Common Style, Raccoon, Rebekah Higgs, Reily, Remones, Remote Kid, Removal, Ricca Razor Sharp, Sideshow Sid & Rob Faust, SIDS, Smalltown DJs, Spoon, Square Waves, The Summerlad, Sylvie, The Teenage Popes, These Hands, Thwomp!, Twin Fangs, Vailhalen, The Walkmen, Wax Romeo, Woodpigeon