Green Island

The Green Island Team is fully engaged in creating and implementing some exciting environmental and community initiatives for Sled Island! 

Thanks to our sponsor First Calgary Financial, we plan for Sled to be more environmentally responsible than ever. Once again, we are reaching out to fans, artists, community members and municipal partners to devise initiatives for a greener Sled Island, and a greener Calgary.

Here’s what you will experience in 2015:

  • Our amazing Green Team volunteers assisting to achieve 80% diversion rate of waste from the landfill.
  • Even more bike parking at festival venues and valet services at Sled Island venues.
  • Our third consecutive year plastic water bottle free! Get a limited edition, reusable Sled Island water bottle during the festival.
  • More ashtrays at Sled venues, meaning fewer cigarette butts on the ground and in the river.
  • Our third annual Green Island Bike Scavenger hunt!


Sled Bikes
Bikes are awesome! Riding bikes is the best way to get around the festival while having fun with pals. The Green Island crew has made it more fun, easier and safer than ever to bike around Sled.

Our official bike sponsor, First Calgary Financial makes it possible for us to provide free bike valet parking at the East Village Block Party, and the Olympic Plaza Main Stage. Thanks to them, you can safely park your bike with our valet team while you go enjoy the show; when you’re done, just show our team your claim ticket and bike on over to the next show. We have also expanded our bike parking at many of Sled’s largest venues for your convenience. You can see which locations offer bike parking in the map included in the 2014 festival guide.

Keep safe while biking this year: ride responsibly, use lights at night, and signal your presence and intentions to others on the road. Some of our pals from the Prohab Helmet Society will be chilling at the festival in the East Village, and at Olympic Park Plaza. These great folks can supply you with a helmet that will protect both your head and your budget.

Are you looking for a bike for Sled? The lovely people at Good Life Community Bike Shop have a variety of bikes waiting for folks like you to claim them.

In pasts years, Green Island volunteers heard your requests and installed over 100 bike parking spaces at Sled Island venues and community partner locations. In 2014 we will install even more! A big thank you to Calgary Downtown Association for recognizing these parking initiatives with the 2012 Vitality Award. If you know a location that needs more bike parking, ask City of Calgary via 311 to add more parking spaces. Or, if you need bike parking for business or a special event, ask Sled’s Bike Crew how they can help.

Are you ready for this year’s Bike Scavenger Hunt? Saturday, June 14, bring your bike, bring your friends and get ready to cruise the city completing challenges for your chance to win some awesome prizes including 4 Big Rock cruiser bikes! A team of you and three other friends could win prizes and swag from some rad local businesses, and then celebrate your awesomeness at an after party at Local 510. Sign up for fun here.

Waste Reduction Efforts

Sled Island continues to strengthen our environmental initiatives with the help of our founding sponsor Cenovus Energy, and our festival partner, the City of Calgary. With their help, we are able to recycle and reduce the waste from Sled. Due to our ever-improving green efforts, Sled received A Greener Festival Award in 2012. We are constantly working to improve and hope to be the recipient of this award again in 2014.

We strive to make Sled Island a waste free event that reuses, recycles and composts all waste. We still have a ways to go to meet this goal, and we need your help to reach it. Sled Island diverted 61% of our waste from landfills in 2012—this year we are aiming for a diversion rate of 80%. Let’s all contribute to the Green Team: clean up and help our awesome volunteers keep the festival clean.

All vendors at Sled’s main outdoor locations use compostable or recyclable food packaging and food ware: help us prevent waste by putting your throwaways into the appropriate bin. Our Green Team volunteers are on hand to help out if you are unsure. Sled Island prohibits wasteful packaging at the festival, especially plastic water bottles. Instead, why not bring your own reusable bottle—we provide water stations, so you can fill up and stay hydrated.

In 2012, Green Calgary helped plan and assess Sled’s sustainability initiatives—you can read their Green event report of the 2012 festival here. This thorough study helped us to pinpoint strengths to maintain, and areas to improve on, so that we continue to become more sustainable each year. We look forward to continuing to work in correspondence with Green Calgary towards a more sustainable festival.

In 2012, the festival diverted a total of 664 kg of waste from city landfill. This equaled:

  • 155 kg of food waste and compostable food ware,
  • 240 kg of mixed recycling including paper, plastic, and cardboard,
  • 269 kg of beverage containers.

Community Building

Green Island encourages everyone to connect with their community: join your community association, hang out with your neighbours, plant a garden or have a block party. If you want to get involved in the festival community, contact our billeting coordinator at to open up your home to one of many artists visiting Calgary for Sled 2014.
For out of town Sled-goers, stay green—take transit, or carpool. Check out our getting here page for more environmentally, low-impact ways to get to Sled Island. Bring your bike and come ride with us! .