The Story

Since 2007, Sled Island's thoughtful, eclectic programming and independent spirit have fused with Calgary's youthful energy to produce a one-of-a-kind festival experience. Each June, the five-day music and arts festival brings together a community of over 250 bands, visual artists, filmmakers and comedians as well as over 30,000 attendees in more than 30 venues, transforming the city into an arts lover's paradise that has earned rave reviews from artists, fans and media from across the globe.

"The connection between those acts, and Sled Island's great secret, resides in putting together a well-selected list of live music. It's still all about the curation... if you define a festival by its crowd, then Sled Island is the best in the world." - Noisey

"Sled Island is a multi-day music festival that brings 250 bands to town to play 30 venues. If organizers have their way, Sled Island will make Calgary the Austin of the North, if only for a few days a year." - The A.V. Club

"One of the advantages Sled Island has on almost any other festival is that the wonderful and weird venues are scattered around Calgary. Every performance seemed to take place in venue that would be a signature spot in most other cities... It showcased the strength and weirdness that grows in towns that get skipped when bands route their tours. It took the charms of the city and made it the festival's defining characteristic." - Wondering Sound

"Sled Island's innovative, eclectic and thoughtful programming and independent spirit have combined with Calgary's youthful energy to produce a largely unique festival experience." - Consequence of Sound